Why this Blog?

Unfortunately what Yasir Qadhi (YQ) and his Wahhabi-Salafi group are doing to youngsters through the Al-Maghrib Institute and Muslimmatters forum is deceptive.

YQ has been pretty successful in creating a new image for Wahhabism in the US by doing the following:

  • Using “cool” moderators on Muslimmatters to allure unknowing youngsters into their fold.
  • Discussing normally taboo topics like sex, pornography, and other new-generation topics that many other Wahhabis are normally reluctant to discuss.
  • Regularly writing on subjects that generate “intense feelings”, such as the ordeals of Aafia Siddiqui, Tarek Mehanna, and others. Even if legitimate, YQ and his group exploit these feelings to propel themselves and Wahhabism, and use followers as a “rally” or “protest” group against any Muslim who is accused or charged with high crimes, including terrorism. Whether those accused or charged are ‘really’ involved in terrorism is never up for discussion. Therefore, they make Muslims look like terrorist or extremist sympathizers who react on feelings while shunning the facts of legal cases. This brings a bad name to all Muslims, makes Muslims intellectually stagnant, and promotes a counterproductive “cheerleader” and “footsoldier” mentality in our Ummah.
  • Agreeing to “unity” pledges with other Muslims, including non-Wahhabis, and willing to withstand criticism from hardcore Wahhabis who disagree with them. This deceptively shows YQ and his group as ‘moderates’. By definition, no Wahhabi can be a moderate. They are all extreme albeit in different degrees. While signing “unity” pledges, they continue to launch vicious verbal attacks against non-Wahhabi scholars like Shaykh Tantawi. YQ’s article against Shaykh Tantawi can be read at: http://muslimmatters.org/2009/10/07/with-scholars-like-these/

    YQ’s  ugly accusation of “shirk” against Shaykh Muhammad ibn`Alawi al-Maliki is well known:

    YQ’s classified the famous poem, al-Burdah, that has been embraced and sung throughout the world as being filled with “shirk”:

    Truth be told: YQ’s pledges of “unity” are mainly to gain a larger following to promote Wahhabism. Their character assassinations against orthodox Sunnis continue.

  • There are at least 1 or 2 instructors at Al-Maghrib Institute who are not Saudi-educated and who have a more pragmatic, ‘middle ground’ reputation and approach (such as Suhaib Webb of al-Azhar). Digging into their views, however, reveals the same confusion typical of Wahhabis-Salafis, regardless of manifestation.
  • Most instructors are very interactive with students, whether in person (in class) or online (Al-Maghrib Forums or Muslimmatters blog/forum). Many of these instructors tolerate bad behavior of followers who comment to accomodate a larger following, and sometimes instigate this bad behavior themselves.

PROMOTING IGNORANCE. The above tactics, and more, have enabled YQ and his followers to exude a very attractive, caring, and trustworthy image through which they slyly disseminate Wahhabism to well-meaning youngsters. Why are youngsters the target group? Because they are the most ignorant and most easily susceptible to being brainwashed. They know least about the intricate details of matters of `aqeedah (creed) and `ibadat (worship) so they are perfect victims of sly Wahhabis. Youngsters can also be hardened up and molded to serve the Wahhabi-Salafi cause with relentless enthusiasm. The ignorance is fueled by little analysis of issues that matter and promoted by superficial slogans of “unity”, “happiness”, and “smartest Muslims alive” gobbledygook, pretty purple colors and icons, and media-technology extravaganza.

A modernized, “cool” offshoot of the conservative Wahhabi-Salafi Dar-us-Salaam (in Maryland, USA) that later transformed into a full-fledged organization of its own, the al-Maghrib Institute and its affiliates now attract more followers by making Wahhabism look less closed-minded and more open-minded and “doable” in modern society (US, UK, etc.). Beneath the paraphernalia, however, is the same ugly accusations of “shirk” and “kufr” against the majority of Muslims — against Ash’aris and Maturidis and against adherents of the four schools of Sunni jurisprudence (Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali). Al-Maghrib Institute rewrites history to suit its own Wahhabi agenda and maligns the accepted orthodoxy that Muslims have followed and adhered to since the glorious period of the pious forefathers (Salaf us-Salih). 

KNOWING “THE OTHER SIDE”. Young Muslims who normally do not know any better and give in to superficial slogans of unity and media hype deserve to see the “other side” of the subjects they are taught by the al-Maghrib Institute. Indeed many may not know there is another side to the issues they are taught because of the dirt they are taught to hurl against Ahl al-Sunna wal Jama’ah’s creed and acts of worship.

Youngsters should know that there is another side — the side that YQ and the al-Maghrib Institute rail against. They rail against the Muslim majority while being a minority group themselves with the mask of Sunni Islam. While preaching unity at the surface, YQ and his group are actually promoting the same division they always did in their classes. This time, however, under a different, more alluring veneer to trap unsuspecting Muslims. Brothers and sisters, be warned.

This blog is an `ibadah to Allah `Azza Wajal and an effort to bid ma’ruf and forbid al-munkar. It is a defense of orthodox Sunni Islam as understood by the vast majority of Muslims in Islam’s history. It is a defense of adherents and followers of the Islamic creed as explained by Abul al-Hassan al-Ash’ari and Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, the four schools of Islamic juriprudence (Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki, Hanbali), and the teachers and practicioners of the Islamic science of purification — `ilm ul-tasawwuf, or Sufism, as known to many.

This blog intends to present the ‘other side’ of YQ, the Al-Maghrib Institute, and Muslimmatters to Muslims and the general public so they have the chance to differentiate between pseudo-Sunni Wahhabism that YQ promotes, and genuine orthodox Sunni Islam that they contradict.

May Allah Guide all of us and protect us from sin and deception in all of its forms. Aaameeen.



15 responses to “Why this Blog?

  1. What about Bayyinah organization and its instructors such as Nouman Ali Khan and Abdul Nasir Jangda? Are their teachings based on Wahhabi Islam?

  2. Salamun ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah

    This is a great blog mashaAllah, I am very impressed and will be taking some time out to read your posts. JazakAllah khayr for the beneficial materials.

    Wa as-Salaam

    • Walaykum-salaam-wa-Rehmatullahi-wa-Barakatuh dear brother,

      BarakAllahu-feek for your kind words and please remember me in your du’as.

      May Allah bless you and forgive all of us of our shortcomings. Aaameen!

      Muhammad (Sunni1)

  3. Asalamu aleikum,
    I have a few interesting questions/concerns, Sunni1.
    If Suhaib Webb is indeed the danger that you pose him to be, then why did Mufti Ali Gomaa grant him ijaza?
    If Yasir Qadhi is as dangerous as you pose him to be, why do people like Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Imam Zaid Shakir sit next to him at majids or in panels and speak positively along side him and about him?
    And Why did Zaid Shakir give in speech in praise of Sirah Wahhaj and his Masjid At-Taqwa?
    I’ll be waiting for your response.

    • Walaykum-salaam Shiva,

      Thanks for your questions. Orthodox Sunnis in general desire unity. This is even when Wahhabis accuse them of shirk, bid’ah, and other despicable things. Any display of tolerance with Salafis by Sunni Imams (Zaid Shakir, Ali Goma, etc.) is to share unity on what is right. In speaking events, lectures by Salafis and Sunnis are general and in agreement, and applicable to Muslims of all colors. At the same time, however, while preaching unity on what is correct and common to them, they still advise on certain specific issues differently. While Shaykh Faraz Rabbani lectures in the same events as Yasir Qadhi, Shaykh Faraz still disagrees with Yasir Qadhi on issues regarding Ash’ari-Maturidi creed, tawassul, tabarruk, tasawwuf, etc. Shaykh Faraz and other Sunni scholars like him have never supported takfeer, never supported accusing a Shaykh (or any Muslim) of polytheism (as Yasir Qadhi did), have never accused the beautiful poem (al-Burdah) of shirk — and have severely reprimanded anyone who held such views. This is the reason why you find articles by Shaykh Faraz, for example, correcting such incorrect views promoted by Yasir Qadhi and others like him. All of this correcting, as you see in this blog, but simultaneously agreeing to unite on issues that are agreeable to both, and even praying in the same Jama’ah.

      What we learn from the above is to strengthen unity on what is correct and defend Islam from what is incorrect. The first step, I believe, is to stop takfeer — accusations of shirk and kufr against Muslims who have a different perspective. If this can be managed, stronger unity will be given a chance. Sunnis are not “grave-worshippers” and neither do they misunderstand correct Sunni creed for 1,000+ years. Do you agree?


      • Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah,
        I agree with you and that was a very smile-invoking response.
        However, I find it extremely troubling that although shuyukh who take influence from Wahhabiyya and Salafiyyah are super wrong in their choice to take those influences, yet the tradtional scholars praise them and even encourage their followers to continue to follow them and to thank Allah for having them. That makes it SO confusing to understand which scholars a person is actually supposed to look up to for true guidance. I mean, Imam Zaid Shakir literally praises and encourages people to listen to and follow Yaser Birjas and Yasir Qadhi and wallah he sounds sincere in his speech. So how is one supposed to know that a person like Qadhi is inappropriate to seek traditional guidance from when the “orthodox” shuyukh themselves encourage people to take influence and knowledge from them?
        And I really just found it a big deal that Mufti Ali Gomaa granted Suhaib Webb his ijaza. Ali Gomaa is a well-respected and revered shaykh of ahlus sunnah. To me that makes matters even more confusing.


  4. This blog and the sound proofs and arguments contained within it are a thorn in the side of this neo-Wahhabi menace. May Allah reward your sincere efforts dear brother and make the truth of this deviant institution known far and wide.

  5. I think it’s awesome that you’re exposing all these wahhabist logical fallacies.

    As has been done with the religion of islam, only a dedicated follower of tasawwuf can expose the hidden realities of the MM cult.

    Keep up the good work akh.

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